Developing policies on the management of risk and training staff at all levels in a major charity

One of the largest cancer care and research charities had basic levels of risk management in its business management as well as meeting statutory requirements in its clinical practice.  They recognized that expanding this throughout all their activities would reap benefits for the organization.

We worked with their internal auditors, who were responsible for best practice in the organization, and conducted a series of interviews to determine what staff wanted to improve the management of risk in their areas.  This resulted in revised policies that gave clear guidance to all areas on what the expectations were and how they could use it to improve their own working and help the organization to be more effective; we were careful this could be integrated with the existing clinical risk management practices.

We developed a series of workshops that enabled managers and staff to understand the corporate requirements and to understand how they could embed it into their own practice.  These were rolled out across the UK, at central and local offices and hospices, involving managers from all aspects of the charity such as business support, fundraising, events management, nursing and care.  Senior management teams were encouraged to proactively support good practice and dialogue.

The result was that risk is now actively managed in the organization; it is not seen as something to be avoided but as something to be managed.  As a topic it is on the agenda of many meetings, and staff feel encouraged to discuss risks openly with their managers and colleagues.