Action Learning

Action Learning is a process that connects knowledge with action, it helps people understand how to employ the best mode of learning to solve challenges and to take forward change where the is no certain path ahead. It widens our habitual patterns of doing and thinking by learning to reflect on the underlying processes and so create problem solving options that were previously outside an individual’s awareness. The result is leaders that are more creative and innovative and who learn to think differently. Participants in Action Learning Sets develop the skill of moving away from reactive responses and toward reflective approaches.

Our director Jackie Draper is renowned for her work as an Action Learning facilitator. She has been facilitating Action Learning Sets for over 20 years in the UK and internationally. She also trains Action Learning facilitators and provides professional supervision.

We run Action Learning Sets both within organisations and cross-organisationally, and have facilitated both face-to-face and virtual action learning sets. We are experienced in facilitating sets specifically for the development of project managers thereby increasing their effectiveness in taking action on specific project issues and challenges.

An example of the potential of action learning can be found in this description of some work we recently undertook in the health sector – mental health and the power of the carer’s voice here.